[NOD(not OD)] Drill-protection-act {DPA}

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[NOD(not OD)] Drill-protection-act {DPA} Empty [NOD(not OD)] Drill-protection-act {DPA}

Post  bozton on Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:49 pm

cost~ 2-3 hours of members time
and 300K (in props, guns, hired hands, and drills)

Am not a board member so I appreciate that you are even looking at this,

The point of this act is to increase obsidians and diamonds into the market. The proprietary reason obsidians are not rare are not dew to lack of miners, but a minging of miners. The act is meant to add a orb of influence into the foreman community by protecting them, a form of mining town that only five shovel miners and 2-5 foreman, allowing the miners to mine will allow more gems to flow into the markets. During the stay miners will be urged, but not forced, to sell there gems at lower rates for "faster sell" and not to hold on to them. I under stand how rare it is for the 7 board members are on, so you could hire security personal for $50k-$100k --- a drop in the bucket for your $23M dollar budget.


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[NOD(not OD)] Drill-protection-act {DPA} Empty Re: [NOD(not OD)] Drill-protection-act {DPA}

Post  bozton on Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:52 pm

i hate me being a guest.


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