Guidlines & Procedures [READ THIS OFTEN]

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Guidlines & Procedures [READ THIS OFTEN] Empty Guidlines & Procedures [READ THIS OFTEN]

Post  ThatOneGuy on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:55 pm

- This may be updated frequently, check back often -

Board members, we want to keep this as professional as possible.

Please follow these guidelines and procedures when using this forum section.

- Please use correct grammar and punctuation
- Keep your posts neat and organized
- Stay relevant and on topic

Anyways, lets get on to the actual proposals. I would assume (and hope) that you have a general idea of the legislative system. The ideas that you propose will be in 'legislature' format, outlining in great detail the scope of your initiative. From now on we will label these ideas 'acts'. (i.e. The USA PATRIOT Act)

When posting your act, be sure to include the budget included (how much money from the fund will be used), the main purpose, who it will help, how it will help, details of the procedure (i.e. Giving $100k to 10 players under five endurance), the length of time this act will active, etc.

When voting on an act, either state YES or NO and give a reason why (3+ sentences). Do not post your opinion more than once in a thread. If you say NO, you could also propose a revision to the act. If you say YES, you could also propose an addition to the act.


Your limits

- Your act's expenditures cannot exceed 75% of the current fund (i.e. $10mil in fund, your limit is $7.5mil)
- Your act must receive 4 out of 7 votes to pass
- It then must be accepted by the Chairman

If your act is rejected by the Chairman, you can appeal this and take a re-vote among the board members, upon which you must receive 8 of the 9 votes to pass.

Once an act is in place, it can be repealed. Start a new topic and include your reasons for repealing it. It then requires 8 of the 9 votes to be repealed.

If an act is not fully voted on in one week from which it was suggested, it will be automatically voided and deleted.

An act suggested by the Chairman or the Speaker can contain 100% of the fund in it's expenditures. It still requires 4 of the 7 votes to pass, however.

If an act proposed by the Chairman is not fully voted on within 5 days of it being suggested, it automatically passes.

There can only be two board member acts and one chairman act up at a time... if an act is approved, it will show [PASSED] in the title, if it is rejected, it will say [REJECTED].

How to start threads

Before the title of each thread, put one of these tags:

[DISC] {This is a topic merely for discussion of NEWB related things}
[OD] {An official act, be sure to include act in the title, though} (OD means official document)
[REP] {A topic about the repeal of a certain act}
[Q] {A topic for questions}

Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW! This is probably very difficult to understand. However, I will be adding MUCH more to this, but I just wanted to make a placeholder so you guys can start suggesting stuff. I'll go from thread to thread and help you guys out.

I will not tolerate inactivity. If you are not engaged in discussions, if you don't vote on things, etc, you will be booted. That doesn't mean you have to be on here constantly, but at least show some interest, that's why you applied to be here! If you have any personal issues and must be inactive, let me know.

Questions or concerns? Ask away in this thread.


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